Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happier at Home

Gretchen Rubin is a master of sorts when it comes to happiness. As the author of The Happiness Project, she lived for a year working on better understanding her own happiness and working on becoming a happier person. In Happier at Home, Rubin decides to focus on her happiness at home (in her marriage, with her possessions, in her neighborhood, and as a parent among other areas) and begins her quest for home-based happiness in September when her daughters return to school. Her honest lessons about happiness (and her attempts to make her house a happier home) are engaging because Rubin doesn’t take herself too seriously and is consistently practical (who has time to make a happy home if it is all-consuming). While living a busy life, she does little things (ranging from acupuncture to having honest conversations with her parents) to improve her life and the lives of her husband and two daughters. This book is packed with Rubin’s approachable voice and humor. This is a fun read that is genuine – it feels like you are talking to a good friend because Rubin is so honest in her 9 month quest for a happier home. She infuses her writing with dozens of happiness-based quotes which are inspirational and refreshing. At times it seems like the book is one big experiment for Rubin (which in a sense it is), and that can lend a slightly haphazard feel to the writing, but it does make it more real. Happiness at Home is well worth a read!

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